Bolt Wifi Module is not working

My Bolt Wifi Module is not working, when I connect it to adapter blue light was blinking slowly but green light was not on even if it is connected to Wifi.

I was just checking the connection with python code, that time I connected bolt module with laptop with no circuit connections just to check the code of online or offline. But the blue light kept on blinking slowly and green light was still off. I tried to reconnect it with power source like both laptop and an adapter I also tried using a different USB cable, but no use.
Whenever I connect it to a power source(adapter) the blue light just keeps on blinking slowly.

I also send a mail to too.

I received it on 02/03/2021

Can anyone please help me out with this issue.


Blue LED blinking slowly means the device is not able to connect to the wifi source.

Can you configure your device again using the same method that you followed using the mobile app for the first time?


Yes Sir, I tried to configure my device using mobile app. But no use…


What issue are you facing exactly? Which part of the setup process did you face an issue with?

It will help me if you could send me screenshots while you are on every step of the configuration.

hello deepti i also faced the same problem once, in this case you should configure again by going to bolt it app and then click on add device even if you have device linked there from before and then follow the instructions given by the app
step 1 connect to bolt
step 2 connect to your home wifi or hotspot
some times the wifi connection will shift to your home wifi while you should connect to bolt so please ensure that at first your device should be connected to bolt device and then to your local wifi
then after some seconds your wifi blue led will get stable
and the could green light will start glowing
hope so this will solve your problem

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Thank you Sir,
Bolt wifi module is working now.


Thank you…
I followed your steps. It’s working now.

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