Bolt WiFi Module not connected my mobile

Sir it not connected to mobile if hotspot on also it not connected

@poopooja024 Can you please share the status of the LEDs on the Bolt device?
There are two LEDs on the device once Blue in colour representing the status of the WiFi connection and a Green one representing the connection to the Bolt cloud.

You have to use the same WIFI for you mobile as well as for your BOLTIOT module

You have to be on same network and upgrade your drivers to the latest version with driver update software for accessing bolt WiFi module.

You need to first turn on your bolt iot module.If your home have no wifi connection take two cell phones
Turn off mobile data and enable wifi in the first phone.Turn the hotspot on the second phone.and wait till the
module automatically connects and you can see the green led turning on given you have installed bolt app on
first cell phone and configured it