Bolt WiFi module not connecting

I tried connecting my bolt to cloud.when I connect bolt to power supply the blue led lights up and after connecting it to my mobile ,the blue light blinks fastly.but the green light don’t blinks ,the bolt iot app is not connecting to my bolt WiFi module,help me ,

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@2018016459.divyanshu as the green light is not showing up it means that there is no Internet Connection. You can’t connect the bolt module just by mobile’s internet. The same is being shown by the prompt which you are able to see. You have just connected the phone to Bolt’s hotspot but you now have to connect your phone to a wifi.

Make sure that your phone is connected to a wifi hotspot which must have that internet connectivity.

@2018016459.divyanshu Is your problem solved? If yes then do close the query by clicking on Solution button in my previous post

if you don’t have external wifi device and you have your laptop, you can try this out, I’m also doing the same way as I have only a laptop and my phone and no wifi router or other phone at home…

after your device is successfully connected to your phone, create a hotspot with the help of your laptop,check the step👇🏻

1 Connect your phone to your laptop via USB cable
2 Enable USB tethering in your phone
3 Now you laptop should get connected to your phone’s internet
4 Now turn On the “Mobile Hotspot” option in your laptop
5 Now try connecting the bolt device to your laptop’s hotspot via bolt app

And here you go, your phone will be connected to bolt device, and the device will get wifi from your laptop by using your phone’s internet.

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As your green light is not glowing this means you are not connected to the internet, actually in the starting of the course I too faced the same problem but the point here is that in whichever device you had installed BOLT app, keep data off of that device and take internet connection from nearby device and then it will surely connect to the internet and your green light will start glowing.

your internet connection is not connected and that’s why the green light was not showing and for that you need to connect your bolt to your phone’s hotspot first than use app for after process and than your bolt wifi module will recognize the network which your phone is connected than bolt will try to connect to that network and than you are ready to go.