Bolt wifi module not transmiting wifi

The wifi module is not transmitting wifi .That is it is neither blinking the blue light(slowly and fastly) nor connecting to my phone.this at the initial step.What should i do to make the bolt wifi module to transmit wifi.

Hello @sskss6708

As you said the bolt wifi module is neither blinking the blue light slowly or fastly, then there must be some problem in the electricity connection. Try connecting that directly to the wall instead of any extension board. After perfect connection the blue light will blink slowly at the beginning.
Then you can follow the rest of the steps as given.

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The problem is the blue light is stable or constant.Though it is switching on but the bolt wifi option is not visible in the wifi area of my phone.Though i wanted to add a new device there is some trouble shoot .

The module does not transmit wifi, it has to be paired to your device via wifi. in case the blue light is steadily on without blinking and if there is no green light, then it may be already paired to some wifi network without any internet connection. If the blue light is not at all blinking or turning on even after connecting to a mobile wall charger then there might be a problem with the module.
If this didn’t help then try elaborating the scenario further

The bolt WiFi option will not be visible in your phone. You have to turn on Hotspot of your mobile and you have to connect to that by putting your device name and password in the app itself. After it gets a steady connection then the blue light will glow constantly.

Hope this will help.

hey!! is your problem solved??because i am having the exact same problem…if yes then I request you to reply and help me…please I am waiting…