Bolt Wifi Module

I am unable to connect my bolt wifi module to my hotspot. A green and a blue light is on wifi module. But i have removed bolt wifi module from all the cloud ids.

Hi @vivek.18mca3027,

The fact that both Green and Blue LEDs are on, the device is able to connect to the wifi you had previously configured the device to.
Since you have removed the module from your account it won’t be listed under your dashboard until you re-configure it.

To do that please follow below instructions:

Since you want to connect to the mobile hotspot, you shall need another mobile only during the setup.

1] Switch off the wifi source to which it is currently connected to. If you have no access to switch it off, then take the Bolt module outside the range of the wifi source so that it disconnects from it.
2] At this time, the Green led must be off and the Blue led should glow slowly.
3] Add the device to your account via Bolt IoT Setup app using your phone, just like you did it for the first time.
4] When the setup process searches for wifi sources, start hotspot of the second mobile and connect the device to it. It should get listed on your dashboard
5] Once the setup is complete

  • Turn off the hotspot of the second mobile.
  • Change the hotspot name and password of your mobile and keep it exactly the same as that of the second mobile.
  • Start the hotspot of your mobile.
  • Bolt will automatically connect to your mobile’s hotspot.

Please read through the instruction and understand it well before you re-configure the device.

Do revert back in case of any query.