Bolt wifi moudule

the bolt wifi module is not glowing, i tried with different usb cable

The USB cable you used may be faulty. Try using a different cable and check that the power source isn’t faulty as well. When powered ON, the Bolt WiFi module should have a blue light blinking slowly. If this doesn’t happen, there may be a problem with your Bolt Wifi enabled micro-controller device. I suggest that you send an email to the Bolt support team at .

Hi,If you have tried with many USB cables,then just try to power ON with higher power supply (about 5V).You just try to connect the device directly to the AC supply with an adapter .For getting the blue led ON,this might be helpful as it worked for me.For getting the green led ON,just check your network connections.I think this information will be useful to you.Thank you

Hi,please try another USB cable,then try to power ON the wifi module.If the blue light is not blinking after changing the USB cable then you connect your wifi module to an adapter so that the module get its power for operating the module.I suggested you to connect or operate your module with an adapter.I think this information help you .Thank You.

Hi @abutalahabelvadi,
I have seen your problem that you are facing. As @suvarnas replied you, if you had tried all things and still your bolt iot device not working then you have to contact with bolt care for replacement of bolt device because as we know that it will provide one year warranty on all components. So you have not need to pay for it.
And if your problem is solved then please mark your problem solved.
thank you