Bolt wifi passwordconnectivity

everytime bolt needs certain password to connect ti its wifi …i dont have the password so i used the password of the hotspot i was using that time …it never shows online im frustated now this is getting useless now

No, the phone in which you had first time connected the bolt device you should use the same. But, you cannot reset the bolt module. So check with the connection of the phone and internet.

I had gone through the same issue.
Go to the bolt app. switch off your mobile data … turn on your GPS and click on add device. Your device will be found. After that follow the instructions carefully and connect it to the desired WiFi.
Bolt generally does not ask for WiFi password. Bolt emits its own hotspot which in turn connects to your phone through the bolt app. The bolt app connects to your WiFi hence enabling the module as well to access it. So you actually don’t have to enter the WiFi password of Bolt. Doing so will just connect your phone to the hotspot emitted by bolt module which is of no use.
If the above does not work use the password “bolt1234”

Hope this helps

open bolt iot app in your mobile and connect bolt to power supply .Then blue light will glow then connect your bolt to wifi enter the password to connect the wifi hotspot .if it is not connecting then you start the same processor from the starting.if it connects then click on add device .