Bolt- wifi setup

My bolt device has turned on having the blue light blinking slowly and I’ve accidently connected the device to a wrong wifi through the bolt app.

Even through the previously connected wifi was turned off and the blue light started blinking slowly my phone is not able to identify the bolt device to connect the new hotspot.what should I do?

For connecting to a new hotspot you would have to first connect to the wifi of bolt module to your phone and then select 2.4Ghz wifi network setting in your phone.

After this bolt app will try to connect to your new hotspot and ask for the password of the hotspot if any. Once, it is connected to the new hotspot the blue & green LED will get stable which means your bolt wifi module is ready to be used.

Firstly connect to the wrong wifi…Then go to the bolt cloud.You can see your device online.Then clicking on the information button on it you will see the network connected.Click on remove to remove that wifi and configure a new one…Hope you understand…thank you🙂

@Natrayan Follow the steps below to disconnect the Bolt from the current network

  1. Turn on the Bolt device
  2. If the Bolt device does not connect to the WiFi network, skip this part.
  3. Log into the Bolt Cloud and click on the Triple dots icon next to your device.
  4. You will see an option to disconnect the Bolt from the current WiFi network.
  5. Update the device firmware if required and click to disconnect.

Once this is done, the Bolt will begin transmitting its own Hotspot which will be recognized by the Bolt app. You can set up the Bolt to another WiFi via the app then.

If the app does not recognize the Bolt’s hotspot, turn off your WiFi and restart it again after around 10 seconds. Try the setup again.