Bolt will not connect to my SSID

Device is flashing blue, I’m connected to the BOLT wifi with the password the app gave me, but when I show my SSID and password the app says “No Internet Connection” and I am absolutely certain all the credentials are correct.

Blue light glows, right? Ok, great.
For green light to glow, you must create hotspot from mobile/Router which has a stable internet connection. That’s it. Now, you are ready to work with module.
Hope this helps. Thankyou @bjonson82

I’m not convinced you ready my issue. I DO have a stable internet connection. The module will not connect to my SSID.

@bjonson82 Please download the Bolt IoT app from the Playstore and do the setup using the app. You do not have to connect to the Bolt’s WiFi manually. The App does that for you.