Boltiot python library for windows

I have installed pycharm in windos 10.
Can I import boltiot python library to it?

You can , but to do that you will have to search and install the “boltiot” package within the pycharm IDE which can be later imported while you code

I think pycharm is the most easiest way to program your iot module using the python. You can definitely search for the boltiot library in pycharm and install it. I myself have tried using Vmware but it was not at all user friendly while on the other hand pycharm works like charm…

can you tell me the whole process

You can refer here to install packages in PyCharm

I have install anaconda navigator for running python codes and have install bolt python library ,
i have open terminal in it and have run code - pip install boltiot.
try doing the same in pycharm or else go for anaconda navigator,hope it helps.

from boltiot import Bolt
you can also use in google colab,spyder for spyder you pre install packages

Yes, you can.
In the bottom left bar, click on terminal and type - pip install boltiot
The terminal will then start collecting and installing packages.
Once done, you can access the contents by importing the package into your python file i.e.
from boltiot import Bolt