Boltiot python library

i have windows o.s not linux or ubuntu.
also i have installed anaconda navigator to run python codes
help me to download boltiot python library

You have to install Ubuntu server using virtual machine or any cloud service, you may use aws VM.
After installing you can easily setup bolt Python library.

is these not possible at windows
i dont want to change my o.s

I’m not saying you install as primary os.
It will on cloud, you just need a file to login your Ubuntu server on Windows 10 pc using putty software.

  1. Goto aws
  2. Instance ubuntu server
  3. Create key pair and download .pem file
  4. Install putty
    6.Login to Ubuntu server
  5. Install boltiot Python library
  6. Run codes’s simple

Do it and ask again if not happening.


You can also work on anaconda if you want.

please tell me how can i do it on anaconda navigator

First give me a screenshot of anaconda prompt Window. I’ll give you all the commands.

RUN pip install or pip3 install
Send screenshot

i have tried pip install
pip3 install but it did not work so i tried pip install boltiot

It’s saying that boltiot package already installed.
Have tried running any code using hardware?

how do i open boltiot python library?

No need to open anything, in that library there are some built in functions like digitalWrite analogRead .

Try running a code with hardware setup.

If you face any problem please ping @9718743338
I’ll resolve all the issue tomorrow.


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thank you so much for your help.

hi how do i run bolt program in anaconda prompt. i have to write code in notepad?