Bolts micro usb port is weak

while working with bolt the micro USB port started giving me problems . now it doesn’t start up and if you go to see the soldering of the port it doesn’t have that much mechanical strength to sustain the normal force applied during removal or connection of the USB cable . Hence I suggest improve on that .

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Thank you for the feedback. We shall improve upon the same in our next version. In case you are facing an issue with the Bolt unit then you can write to for a replacement under warranty.

Hello Sir,
I got my Bolt WiFi module today only. I am facing the same issue. The USB port is working only if I am holding the cable at a certain angle and the soldering is not good enough. It might get broken if I try to connect and disconnect again. Please help me out.


Can you share a video of the same via google drive? We shall replace the device if found faulty :slight_smile: