Boltwifi module is not working

I tired as per the instruction in the video but the BOLTWIFI Module is not working and LED is not blinking as per instructions. Can you help me how to proceed further.

Thank you.

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If your LEDs are not blinking then here are some steps for you to debug your work while working with Bolt :-

  1. If the blue LED (WiFi LED) is off then there is an issue with the power supply. Make sure you have connected the wire properly with the Bolt hardware module.
  2. If the blue LED is blinking slowly then Bolt has lost connection with the WiFi Router. In this case, setup Bolt again using the Bolt IoT app.
  3. If the blue LED is on and green LED is off that means that the internet connection of your router is down.

Hope this helps.

Hi Sir,
I would hereby explain you in simple steps.

  • connect your wifi module to the power supply.
  • open boltiot app in your mobile.
  • while in the meantime the led of wifi module will be blinking slowly.
  • press on the add device button appearing on the boltiot app.
  • you’ll be asked to turn on your wifi,please do it.
  • then you’ll be asked to add a network showing list of wifis present with an option at bottom to add network.
  • press on this bottom and fill in your wifi details. in the mean while application will ask you to turn off your mobile data,certainly do it.
  • after filling in credentials,your wifi module led will start blinking fast and when connected it will turn on your mobile data and green led representing data connection will turn along with blue wifi led already glowing.
    please do ask if query is still unsolved.

I have followed all the instructions but the blue LED of WIFI is not blinkling. It is not working.

The blue light on the BOLT module has its phases

  1. slow blinking means the module is transmitting hotspot and ready for setup.
  2. stable light means that the module is connected to a WiFi.

You’re saying that the blue LED is not turning on.
This may be because the Power source from which you’ve connected the module is not sufficient for the module to turn on.
So try changing the power source (adaptor/USB port from the system)
If you’re connecting the module through an Adaptor make sure that the adaptor has lower current rating i.e, if you connect the module to a fast charger of a mobile, the high current may damage the regulator of the module and cause permanent damage.

If changing the power source of the module doesn’t help, and if you’re sure that there has been no damage from your side, contact BOLT on 8881197198 through WhatsApp asking for a replacement module.

Thank you.

sir check power supply… and i hope you haven’t applied pressure on chip… bcz sometimes bcz of that it gets damaged and then there is nothing to do,it isn’t repairable… try returning the kit if not such happend