Both blue and green lights are on and stable but the device is not being recognised by Iot cloud and bolt Iot app

Check if your WiFi network has Internet connectivity by visiting and check the connection for suitable speed. You will need a stable, working internet connection for Bolt to be recognised by IoT cloud.

hi @sush510sachinfan,
while connecting the IOT device the internet connection might be stable.
after establishing a successful connection you might lost internet connection but still connected to the router .
In this case the device is not recognized by IOT cloud or app.

I also faced the same problem while connecting the bolt module to cloud. I recognised that my wifi had no internet connectivity. So check your internet connectivity.

The module is unable to connect with the wifi. Re-installing the bolt app may fix the problem.

Its because theres no internet connectivity or sufficient network .So first keep the wifi source where there is good network and then try.