Both leds are glowing and stable but not showing in the bolt app

i am facing an issue related to the setup. after searching for wifi the module gets connected to it but app says connection lost but both the led are stable in my bolt wifi module and In bolt app its not get listed but it gets connected to wifi as well as cloud as both the leds gets stable .

I used to face similar problem. Try restarting the wi-fi module and if you have already added the device, then logout. Log in once again and try to add the device again.

Firstly Restart the BOLT MODULE
If not yet satisfied try to check the number of devices and wifi you connected earlier
Thank You.

Were you able to connect your device with the account at least once? Or did you face this the first time you tried to setup your device?

If both the led are stable, it means the module is connected. Maybe it got connected to a different device. If not then follow the onscreen information positively, like switching off your mobile data while connecting. check out for the lights when blinking slowly or rapidly.

Hi @yogeshkathuria95,

As I can see your Bolt device is already linked to your account. Please visit and do let me know if you are able to see the device.