Both lights are stable, can't link my device with product

I am new to this bolt.I am not able to link the bolt to the cloud.Both the blue light and green light stays stable.At cloud dashboard my device status is offline and no product is linked.While loading the device page in boltiot app shows an error.please help me

Try to connect again with step by step as shown in the video.

Hello nitha8sagi,
Can you a share screenshot of your problem?

Hi @nitha8sagi,

First you have to open the on laptop/desktop and after link your device to the The next steps is to configure your product for controlling/monitoring device

After doing the above steps, you can open the control page the Bolt IoT app. Also share the screenshot of your cloud dashboard if you are still facing the issue.

Do let me know in case need further assistance.

Try to login again to your bolt account and then connect your bolt device.

I am attaching the screenshot of the present and blue lights of bolt is stable.the bolt cloud shows online status.but no product is linked.The boltiot app shows that the device is connected,but when I click on it shows an error. I am not able to connect the device to a local network i.e I can’t perform the 8th step in the lecture.I am attaching the screenshots hereby.

Hi @nitha8sagi,

Click on the link icon and you will get the list of product, choose the product and click on the Done button.

Also, you have not configured your product, to configure your product, Go to the Product icon and select the product and click on Configure the product icon.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

1.On the left side of the page on the navigation bar, you will see a button labelled products. Open products.
2. Click on add product
3.add a project name
4. use inputs for sensors and output for leds use bolt pins for input/output select GPIO
6. new product will be created
7. to add programs click on configure button