BOTLOT app not connecting to internet even internet is available

Hi Team,

I am using Asus zenfone max pro 2 phone which is connected to wifi. When I try to login to BOLTIOT app, it says “Please connect to Internet and try again”. My internet is working and working fine no issues with other apps. I have tried uninstalling and installing the app and still doesn’t work. Please help.

I have tried switching to Wifi and mobile data and it says no internet. Please see the attached screenshots showing the same.

Hi @cmsampath
Try signing using Google

@cmsampath Have you recently updated the app? If yes, can you please let me know when this issues was happening?

@cmsampath Please ensure your connectivity and still the problem continues then try connecting with wi-fi .

Try using mobile hotspot of the other mobile to get a proper internet connection maybe the speed of the wifi is not compatible to bolt wifi module because bolt wifi module has frequency of 2.4GHZ so this might be the issue use a device of better internet connection or check your wifi speed.


Are you still facing the issue?

Issue is resolved via after uninstalling and installing the app and switching the networks. Thanks every one for the help.