Bubble.io is not allowing to deploy application : Advanced IoT and ML training

Hii. This is Utkarsh and struggling for more than a week to get out of it.

I’m getting errors while deploying my application from bubble.io for servo control and it is restricting me to test the live version of the application and showing errors too. I tried a lot to troubleshoot what is happening but I failed. I came to know various things in settings also, as it is a free plan, so application deployment will not be possible. However, in the preview mode debugger is throwing errors. Can anyone helps me in solving what is actually happening, or is there an alternative to control Servo using Bolt IoT plugin.

Kindly look into this as it is a part of the project so, it is very urgent for me.


We are looking into this. Will get back to you by Friday.

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Sir, please help me in solving this issue or suggest to me any other possible alternative to the bubble.io.
or Do i use HTML & CSS programming to make an interface with buttons that regulate the knob as per given in the capstone project? but again there will be a problem as how we will send that html file along with the alert message.


Apologies for not getting back to you. I’ll check the same by tomorrow EOD.


Seems like the bubble.io has changed some of their policies.

I have written to them to know more about this. Will keep you posted.