Buzzer and led control

My connection and code for buzzer and led control is alright but it is not working.

Kindly send the image of your circuit. Even if the connections are correct, there are chances of having a loose contact. Also do not use a resistor for the buzzer, it will not produce any sound.

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Do not use a resistor with buzzer. Check your code once there may be some errors in it.


since you have not given any image or code this might be the possible problems in your projects

  1. error in your code, check your code thoroughly twice
  2. hardware related, buzzer does not have any polarity but led has polarity, correctly connect the anode and cathode, don’t forget to connect resistor value of 220 ohm in series with led, make sure you have not shorted your circuit
  3. If everything is right then either your buzzer or led might be damaged, replace it and give it a try.
    hope you got some useful information @bhaduri.ankan

Hardware problem ,better to change led and buzzer .


Can you share the screenshot of the code?

may be your connections are loose that’s why its not working …otherwise your hardware are faulty so replace it .buzzer and led control


Make sure the buzzer and led are working -
use small connection wires.
for buzzer - remove the pin 0 wire and put it in 5v and check whether sound comes.
for led - you can just check with the small batteries we use it in our daily life, eg - Tv remote batteries, etc
Do not use resistor for buzzer.
check positive and negative connections properly
check code and fix the errors

Make sure the buzzer and led working properly -
Connect buzzer to 5V supply and check whether it is working, do not connect resister with buzzer.
Connect led to 5V supply with a resister(220 Ohm) provided in training kit and check whether it is working.
Try connecting buzzer and led with another set of jumper cables, may be some jumper cables are faulty.
Last option - Try replacing buzzer and led with another buzzer and led.

Hola @bhaduri.ankan,
Hope you are really fascinated to do projects on buzzers and LEDs. The problems, which many faces are polarity. Both buzzers and LEDs have 2 pins, one as a cathode (long leg) and another anode (short leg). If your connection is all right, then try using the resistor (220 ohms) attached along with your kit. Connect the resistor series to the cathode of the LED. Try using this, hope this answer helps you. Good Luck with the final project.

I also have the same problems. I tried everything people said on the top, but nothing is working. Except the buzzer test suggestion which says to put the pin 0 wire in 5v pin to test the buzzer, that works. I think the bolt WiFi also is probably the faulty part.

Thankyou so much , now it is working bro.

Thanks @suparanrocks, I first connected the buzzer with the resister but it didn’t work :pensive:
after seeing your post in @boltiotforum I came to know the connection without the resister, after connecting the perfect circuit it’s working :heart_eyes: