Buzzer code not responding

my buzzer is working. But it is not responding when I click on on button.

here is the code :

Bolt IoT Platform ON OFF

ps: I also checked my connections and they are correct. And there aren’t any error on console while executing the code.

there may be small mistake in your code check your code once again,check weather your product is showing the status as online on Bolt cloud.Will let you know in detail when you share your code here.

also the product shows online status.

1]make sure your bolt module is connected to the internet and the product is linked to your device.
2] You need not use resistor before the buzzer. You would have used resistor to limit the current flowing through the led but in buzzer project RESISTOR IS NOT NEEDED as it’ll limit the required voltage of the buzzer.
I hope your error gets resolved.

everything is correct.
still not working

@rishikajain22may i hope you didn’t change your api key. If at all you did then update the software code.
If that’s not the case then do you mind sharing the picture of your connection.


I hope your Led Control worked.
If so try copying your LED code from the LED control product that you created and overwrite it here and make necessary changes. It should work. Make sure you copy it from there.

And let me know if it works.


  1. you write code of controlling led
  2. you check your led is on when click on button or off when click off button
  3. if this led is working proper then remove led
  4. use buzzer . use male female wire for connection
  5. short red female wire connect to small lenght wire of buzzer and big wire of buzzer is connect to orange female wire.
  6. then orange male wire connect to 0 and red male wire connect to gnd in wifi module.
    7.then click on button then buzzer is on and click off button buzzer is off.
  7. this connection is properly work.

@rishikajain22may The code for buzzer includes the command analogWrite(1stparameter,2ndparameter).
please do try using this.The value of the parameter can be varied from 0-255.
Hoping that you’ll achieve your buzzer sound.
Try using various numbers in this range, even the tone of the buzzer will change.

also 3.3v supply provided to buzzer using third male female wire

I believe that you need to interchange the values of digitalWrite() for ON and OFF buttons.
Copy this code and your buzzer might start to work:

        <button onclick="digitalWrite(0, 'LOW');">ON</button>
        <button onclick="digitalWrite(0, 'HIGH');">OFF</button>

Can anyone share some pictures of your connection? I have followed the ways mentioned, but none worked for me.
Kindly share some pictures and help me out.

@nimyug18 thank you for the solution

Hi @vikneysh_it
Use the male to female wire (provided in the kit) to make connections.

  1. Connect the longer lead of buzzer to 3v3 pin of Bolt module using the male to female wire.
  2. Connect the shorter lead to pin0 of module.
    Note: Do not use resistor in connection.