Buzzer is not making any sound

Sir, my buzzer is not working. In output when I turn on and off their is no sound observed.

hii @bhumikapersonal
I guess you were working on the buzzer project just after the LED project . So it might be that you have crossed the 20 hits of your API access. Just Try after 6 hours, it will work.
I hope this will work.
Thank you!

No sir, I have used the led yesterday and today buzzer is not making sound and API was enabled automatically. I don’t think I have accessed it 20 times.

@bhumikapersonal if buzzer is not working means there are 2 cases:
1)you have to remove the cover which is sticked on the top
2)you can directly connect the terminals that is positive terminal to one pin and negative terminal to ground and that should not be connected in series with resistor as we did with LED.
thank you,i hope you understand

Sir please tell do we have to generate new API key every time before we click on view this device. And sir my led was also not glowing.

@bhumikapersonal no,no need to generate new API key every ime,just chck whether the code is written correctly or not?

Than what do you mean by API is accessed more than 20 times.

Go to and login with your respective details .
Then in the left side you will see a column in black color where you see devices, products etc…
Below assets tab you can see API tab. Click on that tab then you can see your API key.
Then if needed click on ‘generate new API key’ new API key is generate.
Make sure that all your code is updated.
Please don’t disclose the API key anyone because it may lead to hacking.

Good luck…

Hello @bhumikapersonal , I had this exact problem in my Bitcoin project.
Make sure you have connected the longer pin of the buzzer to the correct GPIO pin, as mentioned in the code.
For eg: if it is analogWrite(‘0’,‘HIGH’) - make sure the longer pin is connected to the 0th GPIO pin
Also check for errors in code.


Possible reasons why the buzzer is not working:

  1. Please make sure that you have removed the sticker on top of the device.
  2. Do not connect a resistor with the buzzer.
  3. Check the code syntax if everything is fine.
  4. Try deploying your configuration once again.

First you check the connection. Please make sure that you should not connect resistor along with buzzer, it will not beep. If you are not connected resistor and still facing problem then just check the connection (make use of male, female wires). Hope you will can tackle your problem😊

First check the connection carefully. If you have connected resistor with buzzer then it will not bip Do not use with resistor

Make sure that you have removed the sticker on top of the device.
Also use the correct GPIO pin number where you’ll insert the longer pin of the buzzer.
< button onclick=“digitalWrite(0, ‘HIGH’);”>ON</ button>
< button onclick=“digitalWrite(0, ‘LOW’);”>OFF </ button>
As in the above code I had connected the buzzer’s longer leg in pin 0 so I’ve used pin 0.
Please ensure that you don’t use a resistor with buzzer as done previously while using an LED.

Let me know if it’s helpful.

make sure that the connection you make is through the male female wires and its not loosely connected
remove the sticker on the top and wash it
make sure that the negative pin is connected to the ground(shorter pin)