(Buzzer) No Hardware configuration exists for this device type

After doing all the necessary steps for buzzer project when i am trying to deploy code it is saying “No Hardware configuration exists for this device type”

Then configure your device that the configuration icon was given above

Hello Dev,
Firstly I hope you got the basic things right. Like when you created a new product under the “Products” section, you should choose “output devices”( Because Buzzer is an output device) ,and chosen the GPIO in the next choice. Now as far as the connection goes, the longer pin should be put in Pin number 0(You can also choose among 1,2,3,4 but 0 is the closest to the GND. Also don’t use any extra resistor), and correspondingly the shorter pin to be connected to GND pin. Write the code properly. Follow other necessary instructions. You will need to link the product you created with the Bolt Module you are using. Finally you need to configure it by clicking on the, cross formed by spanner and screwdriver icon. Deploy configuration. Click on view.


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Hi @dev.gagra,

For controlling the device, you don’t have to click on the deploy configuration button. You just need to write the code in the hardware configuration section -> Save it and -> Go to the control icon from the home page and it will start working.

But in case you have done pin mapping from the hardware configuration section for collecting the data, in that case, you have to click on Deploy Hardware Configuration icon.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.