Buzzer not working after linking to bolt device

After I linked my project 3 to bolt device, I am not able to on and off my buzzer. Its not working.
Before it was working before ,but don’t know why it is giving problem now. I am attaching my code.

Please help.

Hey ,
There is no error in your code. I think its due to your hardware setup. Just connect your buzzer directly to 3V3 and GND pin (small pin -GND and long pin- 3V3). of the bolt module and power it ON. Kindly note that the bolt is powered directly to a power adaptor and not to the USB port of the PC. And check if the buzzer is giving any output sound. If not your buzzer is faulty might have broken due before due to wrong hardware connection you did before.

If your buzzer is working then its due to your hardware setup kindly check it again. Connect the buzzer to same hardware connection for LED.

I hope this helps you

Yaa its working now. Actually my led is damage I think, because other led is working and now buzzer is also working. I think was some error in code only. I again copy pasted the code and it started working.
Bolt works when attached to USB port of laptop. I have done all the projects in the training by connecting it to laptop only.

Yeah, connect the Buzzer directly to the ground and the GPIO pins (no need of the Resistor). You might have to use the female jumper wires for that purpose.

This solved the problem…Thank you…

It’s not a problem with your code. You must have turned (run) the code ON & OFF too many times. Your account must have been blocked by bolt Cloud for doing so. You can unblock it through the mail recieved or just wait for 6 hour which in turn will unblock by itself.