Buzzer Operating issues

I am facing issues in the buzzer assignment. I have connected the +ve pin to GPI0 and -ve pin to GND, the buzzer works when connected, but I cannot control it via the webpage. Kindly guide me.


Share the code that you’re trying to implement.


Add type = text/javascript on the 2nd script as well.

Sample -

<script type= "text/javascript">

In case it still does not work, on the page, Right-Click > Inspect > Networks > Scroll to the end after page loads> Click the buttons(webpage) once each. Take a screenshot of the networks at the end.

It did not work
Here is the screenshot:


Did you click on the buttons before taking the screenshot?

yes, should I send one again?


Yes, this time keep the inspect section open. When you click the buttons, you should see new records added each time you click a button.

If you don’t see any movement in the network tab, send your product url so that I can help you debug it from my side with testing. You can find the product URL in the homepage > Click on your product > Import URL (between link and delete button) > Copy URL.


Looks like you are rate limited. With a free account, you have limited API requests you can make. Refer to for more information.

You probably received a mail regarding this as well.

Okay…so how do I resolve this?


You just have to wait for 6 hours (from the time you crossed your limit). If you try now, it should work.

Incase it does not, Go to > select any operation > choose the pin > Build API request > Test API request.
Tell me the response you get below the test button.

Yes, it is working now
Thank you so much!!!

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