Buzzer system exercise

i have been trying to connect the buzzer with my bolt board but I am not understanding to connect the buzzer please help me to connect the buzzer and what code should be their for the buzzer

Hello @sksahu2097,
I assume you are trying to connect the buzzer directly to your bolt wi-fi module without using a breadboard. Connect the longer pin of the buzzer(+ve) to any of the GPIO ports of the module labelled from 0 to 4. Connect the shorter pin of the buzzer(-ve) to the ground port, labelled GND.
Preferably use the 0 pin as it is closer to GND.

1)If you want to control the buzzer directly without going to the Bolt Cloud dashboard, visit, the project is using an LED, but you can do the same with a buzzer.

2)If you want to create a product to control the buzzer, visit project 3 of your online training, which is part of the ‘Home Automation’ section. The steps and code required are also provided in it. Again the project is for LED but can use a buzzer too, without using the resistor.

Hope this was helpful.

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Connect the buzzer directly to your bolt wi-fi module use male to female wire for the connections (provided in the kit).Connect the +ve terminal of the buzzer to 0 pin and -ve terminal to GND.Do not connect a resistor with the buzzer.
Code :

        <title>BUZZER CONTROL</title>
        <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
              <button onclick="digitalWrite(0,'HIGH');">ON</button>
              <button onclick="digitalWrite(0, 'LOW');">OFF</button>

I guess u have used resistor for buzzer
In this project u should not use resistor

Circuit connection
Connect long pin of buzzer to 0
And connect short pin of buzzer to GND

Do not use resistor

Code is same as the LED project.once go through it after connecting accordingly.


The code is same as in led

The code:

Bolt IoT Platform ON OFF

The connection is same as led as well. The longer leg of the buzzer is connected to a gpio pin while the shorter one is to be connected to the ground(gnd). If you face difficulty in connecting the shorter leg, just use a “male and female” wire. It is the ones which have a pin on only one end while the other end is a hole. Insert the shorter pin of the buzzer to the hollow end and the pin end to the ground.
Also remember,the gpio pin( the pins 0,1,2,3,4) to which the longer leg is connected, note its pin number.
While configuring the product, in “hardware” tab, please chose the gpio number same as the one you connected your longer leg to. Same in the “code” in the “digitalWrite” parameters. Then run it. Also note the sound is a bit low, so bring it near your ears to listen to.

Hope it helps!

p.s: don’t directly copy the code, in the digitalWrite command, make necessary changes, if any.

Thank you… It was helpful

Thank you. It was helpful

@rhugwedanshedge your code is wrong

I have connected the buzzer pins correctly to the respective module pins. While deploying the product it’s saying that no hardware configuration exists for this product. So what should I do now?


Have you saved the hardware configuration in the configuration tab of the product?

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Yes I have saved it. But still it’s showing the same.


Can you send a snap of the hardware configuration tab?

Hey, I did face the same problem just make sure the pins are correctly placed. Like they are touching the end in the module. Then deploy the configuration. In my case, this worked fine.

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it was very helpfull
thank you

Hai @hiremath.nbgoa,
After doing the hardware connections and code( which is similar to LED code), save the code. Then, instead of DEPLOY CONFIGURATION you have to click VIEW THIS DEVICE icon, this will take you to the new window with ON and OFF control buttons.

Deploy Configuration will give you the error,“no hardware configuration exists for this product” as we have not configured hardware part.

Hope this will help you.