Calibration for the light sensor and humidity sensor raw data

Hi Guys!

Since I have been working with a monitoring system, I am facing a lot of issues in manipulating the raw data of the sensor. Now I came with new problems to resolve. In my project, I had used two sensors as follows.
1.Grove - Light Sensor v1.2
2.HR202 Humidity Resistance Sensor Module with LM393

The above-mentioned sensors were connected with the Arduino UNO analog ports and sent the data to Bolt via UART hardware interfacing as mentioned in the docs page.

Now I need to convert the raw data into expected data. As it needs to be done by calibration either by Scaling or Translate. So, help me to convert the raw data of the above-specified sensors Light into Lux/Lumens and Humidity into % / Rh. Kindly help me to convert them to be a finished one.@vinayak.joshi Thank you for your constant support! I hope the same for this too.

**NOTE:**While approaching for resolution, I request you to keep in mind that these sensors were connected to the Arduino analog pins and then the data were represented as the multigraph format. For your reference, I had attached the so far collected raw data CSV file till now.I hope that would help you to analyze the data. Link for Raw_Data

Hi @arjunraj,

It would be best to do the calibration at the Arduino level then to mess around with the code on the Cloud level.

Here is a link on how to calibrate a sensor using an Arduino.

Thank for your response!@vinayak.joshi

I understand the concept of calibrating the sensors in the Arduino IDE itself. But I had used the code for interfacing the Bolt IoT and the Arduino UNO as here Code Link, Refer 27th line. How should I apply the map function for calibration in that code?

Apart from this, I asked you about the Calibration factor that needs to be manipulated with the raw data. Let me tell you the example, As we discussed in the other previous posts, it is required to multiply the 0.4885 with the LM35’s raw data when it is connected with the Arduino’s Analog pin to convert it into Degree Celsius right. So, just like that, I am asking about the calibration factor too. Re consider once again this post now. Thank you!

Hi @arjunraj,

You need to get the calibration factor by doing the experiment via the Arduino code.

Also, with a little work on the Arduino code that you are currently using, you can include a method to calibrate the sensor by sending commands via the Bolt Cloud.

You will have to attempt to write the code yourself, or maybe hire a freelancer with experience with the same.