Camera in Bolt WiFi Module

Can we connect camera as an input device to the Bolt module. If yes the which cameras can we connect and If no the what are the other options ??

No,Their Is No Camera In Bolt Module.

Just lookup for the camera module on google.This will make you clear that the camera module is not for the Bolt Wifi module as the number pins is more than ports in the Bolt module.

No, there is no Camera in Bolt Module…

But if you are interested to use the camera :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Check Out This

Hello roddshan, yes it is possible to connect camera to bolt device but the process is a bit longer as it involves the use of UNO board. You can use any camera such as OV7670 Camera Module, or any other as there are many cameras available and can connect the camera to uno board and write the code for its functionality as per your use and can then connect the uno board to your bolt device and can use for your desired purpose.

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