Can anyone please help me in this


if i take return out from function there is indentation error and if its in function it is showing error please suggest changes


Just shift the “return -999” statement a little bit and make it under your “if” statement and i think it will work just fine.
I also recommend you to shift the “try” and “except” a little bit.
Let me know if it worked


sir, i did that many times but thats showing error thn wid the help of ubuntu keys i used keyword to correct indentation error. All errors regrading try and except are removed only this return -999 is left.

can you send sample of ur code


they are just saying take return -999 outside d function. If i do then its showing error


Here is my code. I hope it helps


no sir the output is still d same


write the whole code again then.


:+1::+1::+1::+1::sleepy: ok sir


is the output same again for line 19?


Try to be consistent with your identation, I suggest using some auto-complete IDE like VS or Sublime Text for practice.
Also, tabs and spaces are considered to be completely different, although the spacing looks the same (like 8 spaces is not equivalent to 2 tabs when you are using nano or shell). Most IDEs will fix that for you.


sir i am using atom,vs code as per the need i knw indentations but as ubuntu is running in vmware so i am not to paste my code if i write in text editor. though i enable indentation but still facing problem