Can Bolt training be considered as internship

Will BOLT training certificate be considered as internship to add in resume or it’ll be considered as a training only?

Hi @nimyug18,
Bolt training certificate is a workshop completion certificate. You can add it in your resume for the training you have completed under BOLT. Training certificate from BOLT offers you upper hand especially during placements . Bolt is also offering student internship program. You can find it here:

@nimyug18 yes, I think the training can be regarded as an internship.

this training is from a popular platform which gives resume a high value. Though you cannot use this as internship ,still it adds the same weight as an internship done in core domain .

Hi @nimyug18 ,

It really improves our managing and organizing skills which every student wants to inculcate in engineering.Since this course includes theoretical as well as practical knowledge, you can add the certificate of completion to your resume to reflect that you also acquired practical knowledge through the particular BOLT training.

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No, Bolt IoT certificate is a training certificate not work as a internship certificate. This certification course helps you to find a better place in your work experience as in IoT as lots for data stored in your cloud. Also apart from that i will have a credit in your classroom training.