Can i change the wifi connection in Bolt wifi module?

I connected the module to the wifi connection in my hostel. Now i want to change the wifi connection. How to do that?

Yes Obviously you can. in the app find your Bolt IoT module and reregister it after forgetting it first as it may show connected
You’ll have to repeat the setup from the app. Just change the WiFi network credentials at the end to the WiFi network you want the module to connect to.
Refer here for the process.

How to do that please will you help me out?

Yes you can do it just by uninstalling the Boltiot app and reinstall it.
Now provide the credentials for login and set a new network to do so.
refer the given process after reinstalling the app.

Hi,you can also change your Wifi connections by selecting Add another device on Boltiot app
and perform the same steps you used to connect your bolt device to the previous Wifi,
and while choosing Wifi u can change your connection/Wifi. Then your previous Wifi connection will be disabled and present Wifi connection will be enabled…

Thank you everyone for your suggestions

The solutions are useful. Thank you for all, who have given solutions.

Yes,you can uninstall the boltiot app and reinstall it again and register again with your details and connect to the new network

1.Open the BOLT app.
2.And click on the add device. and then click READY. follow the instructions given.
3.CONTINUE the process. then it shows the available network connections.
4.Choose the WiFi network you want to connect. fill the required details.
5.Finally, you can connect to the desired WiFi network.
Hope the process can help for WiFi connection.