Can i create an account in digital ocean as well as use ubuntu?

i already installed the virtual box,ubuntu and run the python programs there… but want to do the course of digital ocean which is for 1 month…


If you use the digital ocean, you’ll be using the ubuntu/linux OS only. The only difference is that, this time you’ll have to access the virtual computer using the putty’s terminal.

When Digital Ocean will provide you with a cloud computing IP address and its open ports. Which you’ll be using in putty to access the machine.

In VirtualBox, you have another OS running on your computer with Virtualization. But with DigitalOcean’s Cloud Machine, you’ll only be accessing the OS over the internet. Which means using a whole computer on the basis of Internet Connection. I hope now you understand the difference and will be able to opt for your choice.

Anyways, you can start using the DigitalOcean whenever you want. It won’t make any difference in the training content you followed while using the Virtual Box.

Can you please mention what do you mean by -

What do you mean by 1 month? Can you please elaborate on that? Do you mean to say about the $100 credit?

actually the digital ocean droplet where its said about the $50 creadit…so is there any extra course provided there,or we have to simply go with the shown videos in the course…?
so for getting the$50 credit,we should simply just create an account?


No, there’s nothing extra. But creating an account and getting to start using the DigitalOcean account lets you start with understanding and performing cloud computing in the future as well.

As things are getting digitalized, people are also shifting to using cloud machines instead of virtual machines. The reason was mentioned in my previous post.

You can simply create an account and follow the instruction to setup the ubuntu on putty(with Machine’s details from the digital ocean dashboard). It’s the same course followed by that.

Let me know if you have any otehr queries.

ok so if i want to create account in digital ocean meanwhile i use the virtual box?can i do so?


Yes absolutely. That’s your personal choice. You want to use both, you can do so. We have provided you 2 alternatives. It’s completely upto you, none of them is mandatory.

And also to note, questions will not include anything from the alternatives provided. It’ll be from Linux OS directly, so make sure you are aware of all the commands and how to use the OS.