Can I get a certificate of excellence for My Bolt project

Hi Can I get a certificate of excellence for My Bolt project as i created thsi project automated hydration reminder and published on bolt ideas. Also it has so many since I published my blog yet it is still show pending

  1. First you need to prepare the project by boltiot module wifi . project must be on the bolt cloud
  2. you have to solve two problems of learners on bolt forum
  3. Then you have to give the exam
    note- you have to keep the link of problems as well as the project for pasting in the exam which is further being asked after the project get approved you will get the certificate on your mail with 7 daysHow to get certificate

I have done creating project I have given exam


Yes, u can get the Certificate of Excellence, if your project has some unique sensors and a good and clear explanation(Note: Must include Bolt Wifi module in your project)

Hi it has been long since I posted it is still not published this is my project link
Please publish my post

@hemsharan2050 , the link which you have shared doesn’t works. Also the final project which you have given at the time of final test, should fulfill the below parameters:

  1. Originality - Points will be awarded for originality of the project. If your project utilizes unique sensors or has a unique/different method of explaining the concept of the project etc., you will get more marks.
  2. Content - More points will be awarded if you have explained the content so that anyone reading the project can understand how to recreate the project. If you have shot a video explaining the working of the project, remember to add it to the project with the content.
  3. Ease of recreation - Marks will also be awarded for the project’s instructions on how to recreate the project. A person who is reading your project for the first time should be able to recreate the project easily.
  4. Code explanation - If your project has a coding part, then marks will also be given for explanation of the code and its readability.

I know you have dilligently made the hydration reminder project, but Certificate of Excellence solely depends on the BOLT Evaluation Team’s decision. So wait for their response and if they find your project unique and useful they will surely provide you the Certificate of Excellence.

Wait for few days, you will get the Training Certificate when they evaluates your project. Note: As you have shared a link of your project and it says Page Not Found, so in case you have shared the same link with them then they might also not able to see your project.

Hope I have solved your initial query of Can I get a certificate of excellence for My Bolt Project :+1:

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Hi again thank you for responding but tthe linkk I shred is preview link and can be only viewed be head I aam asking certificate of excellence because I talked with pranava vai through whatsapp and he told I deserve one so that is why I am asking it here

Okay @hemsharan2050 , as you have talked with Pranav sir, then you will get the certificate.No need to worry. By the way had you received the internship certificate?

Which internship are you talking about

The course which we had taken is in the name of Bolt IoT and ML Internship and Training. I was referring to the general course.

I hope now your query is solved :grinning:

Oh thanks I got the certificate of the exam and thank you :blush: but still my qurey is not solved I want Bolt iot to publish project

@hemsharan2050 We are looking into your query. Please allow us upto Tuesday end of the day to check and get back to you.

Thank you for responding

Hi @hemsharan2050,

Your project idea is good. If you can work upon the below points then we can publish your project on

  1. Explain the hardware connection in more detail so that even a non-technical person can build this project.
  2. Build some sort of Web App or Android App to make it more user-friendly.

Let me know after completing the above points, we will be reevaluating your project for “Certificate of Excellence”.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Ok I wil look into it and inform you