Can I stream a live video using Bolt?

Hello everyone,
I am trying to make a car which I can control using an Android app through internet. I want to add video streaming functionality to it. I’ve got the OV7670 camera module. Can I use Bolt device having ESP8266 WiFi capability and the Bolt cloud to live steam from that camera…
Help appreciated

I dont think you can do it with the current ESP8266 wifi capability, because, while using the camera, you will acquire a high amount of data. I dont think the current setup will be able to support such large data. However, I am not sure about it. Please confirm it once. Hope this helps.

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Oh, is that so?
So do you know if I can use something else, sorry it’s getting off topic from BOLT but if you have any clues do share it.

I dont know the exact details. I would suggest you to approach the Bolt iot team and enquire about the same.

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Oh well, okay thanks for your time