Can I upload smae video of presentation I'd did

For the assured bolt iot training internship can I just upload the presentation that I did on my hydration reminder


The video presentation must fulfill the mentioned requirement on Instructions for Assured Internship | Bolt IoT under Tasks → Point 1

You can take reference of the sample from

I Understood that but what I am asking is I have already upload a presentation on even your website which you are referring to so can I just upload that video you can actually check my website my topic is named automatic water hydration reminder

@hemsharan2050 Yes. You may submit the same project for the assured internship. But it would be good to have a better video where you screen-record yourself and explain the project in-depth similar to the live online workshop.

Got it thank you I will be doing that

Yes, you can upload your video but there will be no particular marks for uploading your video. Yeah you can upload a video with good presentation.

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