Can I use a different email id when creating an account on Digital Ocean. This email is different from my Bolt Cloud accout?

Presently i am on training program i want ti register my ID on DO (digital ocean)
my query is can i register with different email ID other then my registered Id on Bolt IoT and continue with my training, will i get credit, Does the different email on DO will effect my training.Should i use registered email id bolt Iot or can i sign in with different ID.


You can use a different email id while creating account on DO. It won’t affect your training.

Make sure you only use the link given in the course while creating the account to avail the credits.

Thank-you sir for the support. Can I create a new account with GitHub and login to DO, I Suppose I will get the credits. Will that be helpful for me?

No, It won’t be an issue to using different Email to create Digital Ocean account.

sir my name was changed to shailendra vibhute from deep parmar so i can change my name to deep parmar.