Can I use a phone adapter rated output 1.5A for wifi module?

I wanted to know if using a phone adapter of output 1.5A 5V, to power the bolt wifi module via USB will affect the performance of the module or will damage it in any way as I found the device to get heated up when connected for about 5mins.
Thanks in advance.

I think it will not affect the performance of the module. You can use phone adapter to power the bolt wifi module.

@3ddelano Excessive heating can damage the voltage regulator IC . You should use the 1A and 5Volt rating adapter.

There is no mandatory that you should use only the 1.5A 5V it’s just a suggestion, you can also use the phone adapter , it will not damage the device.

I don’t think it will affect the device. I’m using the same and it is working fine.

No problem.It is just for precaution. You can also use phone adapter to connect bolt module it is not necessary to have 1.5A 5V output .

you can use phone adapter,i did the same thing …no problem