Can I use IFTTT and BOLT Cloud simulatneously?

I am thinking to get notifications as well as displaying them on graphical plot?its very serious , please help?

@borntoloose29 Please describe your query in detail. To plot it on graph please check the module on the Bolt cloud.

What kind of notifications are you looking for?

You won’t be able to use IFTTT and Bolt cloud together.

sir i have connected the ultrasound sensor on arduino and connected its digital output ( digital pin 10 of the arduino to digital 4 of bolt iot board) .i am getting the high / low value and i want ifttt email messages and also plot the same values on the canvas.js charts.Can i Do thaT?

ya, you can trigger the ifttt using the Arduino digital output state and you can get the notification from the ifttt to your mail or to your phone.

but in canvas.js chart, you can get only the values variation from 0 to 1 only
if you use that pin.

but if you use the echo pin of the ultrasonic sensor to the bolt you can get the distance of the obstacle on the canvas.js chart