Can I watch the videos more than once if I don't understand it?


Can I watch the videos more than once if I don’t understand it?


you can watch many times as you want. its lifetime course material available for us


@divinair7 Yeah you can watch videos multiple times till you want there is no restriction on viewing the video as such


You can watch videos as many times you want :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Yeah! the online videos are available lifetime. Enjoy
Although the quizzes are available once so try them when you think you are prepared.


This course can be accessed anytime anywhere… so u can watch as many times you can


yeah sure ,one and only gives life time acess that is BOLT IOT
we should thank ful them


Yaa you can view the videos, number of times you can, its a course with NO DURATION…:+1::+1:


sure because its a life time acess


yes you can watch the video ,whenever you need it ,it provide life time acess