Can not access bolt v2 program from other (non install) devices

Hi All -
I have a bolt v2. It is set up for the LED experiment in the ‘getting started’ guide, and runs fine from the iPad the bolt was configued on.

however, when I go to a laptop that does not have the bolt iOS install kit on it and try to run the LED program from the bolt cloud, it prompts me to install the iOS app and add a bolt.

How to I run this sample program from a generic device? It seems like it should just be an http reference to the cloud. Any examples?

thank you in advance!


The Bolt device can be accessed by using HTTP requests. It does not matter where the requests are coming from. What this means is that the Bolt can be controlled over the Internet from any device and from anywhere.

The issue that you are facing is peculiar indeed. Can you please paste a screenshot of the message that you are getting on your laptop?