Can not access or login after starting a months later

same problem like others it shows 'coupan code expired 'and i can not be login, it shows email id or password incorrect,but i am sure all passoword and email is correct,still it shows coupan code expired.
I tried all solutions but it still not working.i am login by same google account
i also tried by opening my cloud account but in this also it does not show any acces code,How?please help me

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Did you write your problem to the support team ??

yes,but I sent my problem to support team on sat.but due to the weekend holiday on that dayi am not getting any solution yet.


You had entered an incorrect email while enrolling in the training for the first time. Please see below screenshot.

Please create an account using your correct email id on the same site and revert back. We shall provide the training access to the account from the backend,

i open my account and edited my wrong gmail and now its working,thank you so much sir for your guidance.