Can not connect bolt hotspot in android device

When module is connected and is blinking slowly , i click ready and it starts blinking fast but never connects to bolt hotspot, My hotspot is Bolt1115140. When I try to manually connect the hotspot in phone it asks for password. What is the password now for the hotspot?Please help anyone.

Hello iamarchitmohanty,
You need not connect to your Bolt hotspot manually ,since password can’t be known.
Do follow the steps mentioned in BoltIoT training ! so you can get to it.

Hey you can not access internet in the same phone you need another phone to provide internet. After connecting to internet your bolt app page will show add device option and it has three slides . In the third slide you will get your password.

@iamarchitmohanty Usually switching off/on the WiFi solves the problem of the device not able to find the Bolt hotspot.
If you are still unable to find the hotspot, the password to manually connect to the Bolt’s hotspot is bolt1234.

Hello @iamarchitmohanty,
You need two mobile phones to connect the hotspot, say A(phone1) and B(phone 2).
1.If you downloaded the BOLT app in A then switch on the hotspot in B.
2.Connect both the BOLT module(hardware device) and phone A with the hotspot from phone B

    i.e. Both the  BOLT app containing phone and the BOLT module should receive the same hotspot from  phone B

HEY first u need to connect to bolt wifi and for that password is already given in that app.Then u need to connect it to your wifi by entering the password of your wifi.

Firstly, connect to the bolt Wi-Fi using bolt password. That password will be provided you in the app. Then connect to the Wi-Fi here you cannot use the same phone for Wi-Fi connections which you are using to connect to the bolt Wi-Fi/app so use different hotspot for connecting it to device.