Can not connect to internet

Both blue and green light are stable but the app is showing cannot connect to internet after i connected to another phones hotspot . theinternet is working on the other phone .

Hello iamarchitmohanty,
There is no problem in your bolt device, since both blue & green led’s are on.
The problem you are facing with bolt app is , there might be no internet in your phone to use bolt app …!!so, do check your internet speed…!!!:slight_smile:
Here you have to observe that you need 2 internet connections;

  1. for your mobile and
  2. another for your bolt device.

Hi suryaanirudh2611
The other device from which i had the hotspot had internet running well, do i need to turn on data from the main device or all the internet required shall come from the hotspot connected device?

hey @suryaanirudh2611 green light is not blinking in my bolt device…and its not connecting …what should i do?

Hello himanshigola99,
If green light in your bolt device is not blinking, it means you have to connect it to a wifi.
If you have a wifi connection near you,then connect to it Or else connect to wifi of an mobile hotspot.
To connect to a wifi, you have to follow the steps mentioned in BoltIoT training i.e; through bolt app installed in your Android mobile phone.

Hi ,
I come to understand your problem.
First of all, install bolt app in your mobile phone through your mobile data.
Then,connect your bolt device to your bolt app following the steps mentioned in BoltIoT training.
In the middle of these steps,you have to connect the bolt device to a wifi connection near you or if you don’t have a wifi connection near you DON’T WORRY !
You can connect to a wifi by turning on hotspot of an another mobile phone(i.e; your friends/parents mobile phone).
So, at last your bolt device will blink both blue and green led’s.

Finally, once again go through boltiot training such that you can clearly understand…!!:slightly_smiling_face:

You should try to check your connection as you know it requires two phones to connect bolt device where one phone works as hotspot and other works as wifi because some phones has limitations either they work as wifi or hotspot not both as same time.

@iamarchitmohanty You only need to connect your phone to a WiFi with internet or switch on the mobile data if it continues to display the same error message.