Can not listing my bolt WiFi network in the bolt app

My setup for device in the app is not going well every time I am getting the same caution warning while setting up the device as it shows to make 2.4 GHz the WiFi capacity and I have done it but still I am unable to complete my setup I am posting the screenshot of the warning message.

Just turn on your mobile hotspot (make sure your mobile phone has internet connectivity) and enter the details of your hotspot name and password.

Please share the detailed steps if possible as it would be a great help for me. Please please help me thank you

Hello pritam,
STEP 1:- I would suggest you to first switch of your internet connection.
STEP 2:- Power on the Bolt wifi module (ensure the blue light is slowly blinking).
STEP 3:- Take another mobile phone to create mobile hotspot or if you have a wifi connection it will be perfect.
STEP 4:- Make sure that when you create hotspot configure it and choose the bandwidth to be 2.4Ghz and make sure that internet connection is working on that phone switch internet off on your phone

Then follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

  1. First click OK on the CAUTION message.
  2. Select a network which will be listed on the screen if not then click on ADD NETWORK/SETUP VIA HOTSPOT.
  3. Write Network Name and Password of the respective WIFI network you want your bolt module to connect too.
  4. Check the box below of SECURITY if you want to connect it to your smartphone HOTSPOT.
  5. After Step 4 do what the BOLT APP asks you to do.

hello pritham
this was just happened to me one hour back…
so just turnoff your mobile hotspot and take another mobile and generate hotspot so that it asks for select network in have to connect to a network by giving password.when you ARE connected your green light start stable