Can we buy boltduino board ? If it is not available it is very hard for bolt since all are using arduino because of lack of boltduino board in market

It is very hard to us that boltduino is not available . It can be used to fit with bolt wifi module but why bolt is not providing this alone at market?


You can purchase the Boltduino from this link: Buy Boltduino - Bolt IoT

can we trust this? and tell me one thing wheather it is good to buy arduno or boltduino (Considering cost factor)?


Absolutely. This is the official payment method for buying the individual component, i.e. Boltduino.

Boltduino has a section to mount your Bolt module directly into it. So definitely makes it effortless to build projects on hardware serial.



Make sure to use the same email ID as your Cloud and training, when making the payment.

No actually we are doing project , and the expert panel members are asking is it possible to buy the boards online without training??


Yes, you can buy the Boltduino without taking the training. I have mentioned to use the Cloud email ID, as we might already have your details if you use the same email ID.

Incase you are completely new to the Bolt Cloud, and haven’t got any training from us yet, we’ll send a mail asking for your details including Address so that we can ship you the Board.

For any queries you can either report to the forum, or mail to

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Thanks for the info…