Can we Communicate esp8266 via Bolt Module?

Can we communicate to ESP8266 via Bolt?

@prakash52kar yes we can communicate multiple esp8266 modules.
Thank you!

Sir, Please provide the link for example project/documentation/article. Thank you.

Anybody else can help me out?

Hi @prakash52kar,

I am inviting @vinayak.joshi to help you out with this query. Also why do you need to connect your Bolt device to ESP8266 ?

As ESP8266 could talk with each other so I was expecting same from Bolt.

Hi @prakash52kar,

Yes you can make a regular ESP8266 communicate with the Bolt WiFi module via the UART pins.

You can also use the Bolt IoT remote API calls to have the ESP8266 talk to the Bolt WiFi module.