Can we connect Bolt device with other Wifi n/w than one connected with app

I want to ask if it is necessary to connect Bolt device module and mobile having BOLT app to the same WiFi network. Can we connect the mobile with other network than connectced with device. If not, then how to operate products connected with Bolt device remotely…i mean from anywhere we are. Can we operate the app with own mobile internet data and device connected to cloud with other WiFi n/w.

Most probably it is good to connect the bolt device and and phone to the same wifi. And if u wish to use remotely make sure that the bolt device is connected to the same wifi which it was connected previously. And im not sure about the remote use of bolt. Hope this might help you out

@cmore198 only for the first time you need to connect the phone wifi and bolt wifi module to the same network to setup the module and help it communicate with the network. After the setup is complete, you can use a different network on your mobile and can use the bolt app using your mobile internet data. Phone app and bolt module will communicate through cloud. I hope this solves your question! :blush: