Can we control the tube lights in our house using bolt?

I guess we can do that for a single light with the bolt module and am not sure about controlling all the lights.

We can control upto 5 as we have 5 GPIOs on bolt module.

Not just by using Bolt module alone.
We can control our tube lights with the help of adding some other hardware with bolt module such as a 5v relay, Arduino.

Just have a look at this Home automation for controlling a single home appliance.

Hope this helps!

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yes we can control upto five lights with those 5 GPIO pins and 5 RELAYS or 5 relay module avaliable in market you can learn much about relay in internet you can switch 230v supply by just 5v there the majic of relay exist.

@ashishchinnari108 really? are you sure u can do this? 5 relays to a single bolt wifi module??
there are 5 gpio pins yeah that’s correct but not the 5v pin. right?

You can follow this tutorial to control lights. Use multiple replays connected to different pins to control multiple lights.

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Hello @shreya.jukareddy,
It is possible to control more than one electrical device at your place using Bolt.
The number of devices you can control depends upon the GPIOs on the device.
You can connect the Bolt module with other microcontroller or microprocessor if you wish to operate more electrical appliances.
Hope this helps.