Can we prefer only machine learning

Can I prefer only machine learning but not IoT??
Can B. Tech 2nd year student capable of making the project?
What happens if my kit I get is damaged one?
I have done Cod yesterday so
How long it may take time to get the kit?

To understand machine learning you must have an idea of IoT.
yes, of course, a 2nd-year student is capable of learning.
just put an email on their email id, they will get back to you soon.
you will be delivered the product within 7 working days.

no first u need to learnt about IOT and then ML…
u should handle ur kit very carefully there will be no replacement…
it will take some 4-5 days for ur kit to be delivered…

As machine learning utilizes experience to recognize trends and create models that help predict future behavior and events, it has become a crucial technology for IoT applications.