Can we start my project in summer after receiving kit

Sir, I got the kit recently can I make my project in summer holidays? as semester exams are approaching soon, and sir I didn’t even open my kit, is there any problem,

Ya you can there is no time limit for this course. This is life time course you start it anytime and if you have exams in between you can take a break and then start…
When you receive the kit make sure that it is working properly…

As the training is a self-paced programme, so there is no time constraint for its completion. But yes it is nice to seat and complete in one flow and do check the kit, change within 10 days ,if required.

Sir how to submit project after getting output
Please explain in detail

Hi @sreejavijayagiri,

Check the below links -

  1. For capstone project :
  2. For final project: