Can we use the bolt module with normal bulbs?

Can we use the bolt module with the bulbs that we use in our room or we need special kind of bulb for automating lights?

If we can make the use of bolt module with normal bulbs, please tell me the process of doing so.

Hi @kushag09,

Yes, you can use it but you will need one relay to complete your project. Check this project

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Hi @rahul.singh1,

If I am aiming to build a color changing bulb, is it possible to do it with the bolt wifi module?

Also, what things can I automate with IoT?

Hi @kushag09,

Check this thread Mood lamp programming code, I am also inviting @vinayak.joshi if you need further assistance.

@rahul.singh @vinayak.joshi , What would be the power source for the bolt wifi module which has type-c cable?

Hi @kushag09,

Please clarify, the Bolt WiFi module has a micro USB port, not a type C port. So you can’t use a type C cable to power it. Please clarify what you are trying to achieve with the type-C cable?

It would make more sense to us, if you share photos of what you are trying to do.

Yeah sorry @vinayak.joshi sir, I meant micro USB port. I want to give power supply to it without using the micro USB port. Please tell me how would I give power supply to the bolt WiFi module without the micro USB port.

My plan is to make a smart led bulb and to make it, obviously there is no way to power up the bolt module with the micro USB cable. So I needed to know an alternative way to power up the bolt module.

@kushag09 you can power bolt iot wifi module using the GND and 3V or 5V pins as required and use relay for it.

So 5V pin can be used as power input right?

i have powered on my bolt using gnd and 5v pins using gnd and 5v pin of arduino so i told .
i guess with the help of relay we can power bolt using the pins ,MAKE SURE YOU DO CORRECT CONNECTION OTHERWISE IT CAN DAMAGE BOLT .

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Yes u can use normal bulb or fan or other applications also. Just use a relay.

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hey kushag09. you can definitely use bulbs that you use for your rooms. make use of a relay and you are good to go.

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Yes, you can use it but you will need one relay to complete your project

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Yes, you can. Since the bolt iot outputs very small voltage therefore, you will have to use an external relay and power supply and connect the bulb to them.
The relay will take the signal from bolt module and
the external power supply will provide it with required voltage.

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U can use a Relay to switch on or off the normal household bulbs. Using Bolt-iot module u can excite the relay. Thereby controlling the normal bulbs using the Bolt-iot module.